Artnude photography in the form represented here is a study of the shapes and textures with the use of deep shadows where only parts of the body are exposed to light, the person in the picture starts to fade away and the body shapes partially covered in shadows turns into a landscape, a Bodyscape so a fine art nude photography is not intended to be a portrait and therefore I don’t add any names or individual descriptions as my words would probably degrade the overall perception of the image. So I hope the composition, light, shadows and the beautiful human shapes speak for themselves.


Giraffe- I love animals, and I wanted to make something a bit different with some of all the animal pictures I have laying around on my computer, so I decided to make a series of animal portraits of some of my favourite animals and this image is part of that series.

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Rodney Robbins said...

This bold photograph makes me want to say, "Well, hello there!" Fun and rich. Nicely done.

If you haven't seen Jan's fine art prints at ImageKind, you should click through and check them out. You can buy a small, affordable print on paper, or have this image in a larger format, or museum quality paper with a nice mat, frame and glass. It's the same image, but one is good for an a friend's apartment, the other would make a great gift for someone you've known for years.

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